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Welcome to Energe Capacitors

'Energe' is one of the leading manufacturers of power capacitors and harmonic filters

Energe  MV capacitor units are used to build capacitor banks for reactive power compensation on medium voltage and high voltage networks. Single...

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The metal enclosed capacitor banks are a cost effective means of providing power factor correction and/or harmonic filtering for your distribution fee...

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Energe capacitor bank is a flexible concept for open-rack shunt bank and enables very compact solutions that save space at installations. General Pre...

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Energe LV capacitors are suitable for use in ultra heavy duty PFC applications either fixed capacitor bak or APFC capacitor bank ALL Polypropylene (A...

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Company Profile “Energe capacitors Pvt Ltd” established in the year 1982, is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company manufacturing Power Capacitors and all associated equipments upto 220 KV. Energe group provides superior capacitor ..
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